Have questions? Learn more about how to rent rooms at GCC below.

How do I find the best room for me?

Every room at the GCC is like a snowflake - they are all different in their own beautiful way! For example, Room 3 with tiled floors welcomes crafty messes. However, carpeted rooms should be reserved for groups with minimal clean-up. Click on this link to see the specific details for each space. 

We encourage all new comers to come and check the space out for themselves, to get a feel for what room fits them best. Please fill out this form if you are interested!

Can I tour the space before I book an event?

You bet your boots you can! We highly recommend that you tour the space to get a feel for which room would be the perfect fit for you. Please fill out this interest form and share what time(s) work for you!

Who sets up the room?

Because GCC is a small (but mighty!) team, we ask that you ensure you plan enough time to get the rooms set up yourselves. 

Can I move the furniture?

We ask that you do not move the furniture or materials in the space.

Are computers and other tools available?

Unfortunately, the computers in Room 2 are reserved for kiddos at the Clearview Sudbury School.

The tools in the Fellowship Hall are available to let your tinkering juices flow. 

Do I need to clean up after the event?

Oh, yes please! We will show you where to take out the trash - bring any other cleaning supplies that you think your group will need.

What does the payment process look like?

There are two parts to payments:

All deposits and room rental payments will be made online using our trusted partner Vanco. 

Click here to submit a payment. 

Thank you for supporting the GCC! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Who do I contact for more information or help?

Give gcc@genesis-austin.org a nudge or call 512-478-2565 with any questions you might have - someone will be in contact with you shortly.