Who We Are

About Us

The Genesis Creative Collective, an outreach ministry of Genesis Presbyterian Church, seeks to create an intentional community in East Austin at the intersection of creativity, spirituality and love. 

Groups and individuals are invited to explore where their creativity and spirituality and faith intersect, through the sharing of space, resources, and ideas. Groups and individuals that use the campus are encouraged to intermingle with each other.  All groups and individuals that visit or share space are valued and loved, because each is created in the Divine image and considered beloved of the Divine, whether or not they know it.


Through this collective journey, we aim to build bridges of understanding and connection among all who participate, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.


Our vision is to create a vibrant and inclusive community at the heart of East Austin, where The Genesis Creative Collective serves as a catalyst for the harmonious blending of creativity, spirituality, and love.


Guided by the principles of inclusivity, collaboration, spiritual exploration, love, and community building, The Genesis Creative Collective creates a sacred space where all, irrespective of background, are cherished.